Laterals with over 5 years experience start at over $110k !

After 6 years of service with the City of Tukwila, Police Officers are eligible to participate in a Master Police Officer (MPO) program which increases their pay annually based on their experience, time in-service and training.


Compressed Work Schedule

Patrol officers work a compressed work schedule working 12-hour shifts. Patrol officers are assigned to one of four day or night shifts. The compressed schedule gives officers the same three days off every week with a rotating Saturday off every other weekend. The shifts are assigned based on seniority in a bidding process and each shift rotation is six months at which time another bidding process opens up.

Days & Nights A – Sunday – Wednesday & every other Saturday

Days and Nights B – Wednesday – Friday & every other Saturday

Night Differential Pay – 2% Night Differential pay for officers who work any hours between 6PM to 6AM

Specialty Units work a four day 10-hour schedule

Health and Dental Plans

Excellent health and dental plans are available for officers and their eligible family members/domestic partners. The City covers the premiums for the medical, dental and optical plans through a self-insured HMA plan or Kaiser Permanente. An optional medical flexible spending plan is also available.

Pension Plan

Tukwila officers participate in the LEOFFII state retirement plan.

Deferred Compensation

An optional 457b plan is also available through Mass Mutual or ICMA. The City of Tukwila offers a partial matching amount for those who opt to participate in a 457b plan.

Sick Leave, Kelly Days & Holiday Banks (490 hours off per year)

Sick Leave – 144 hours annually (Effective upon hire). Max of 720 hours (90 days) of sick leave accrual.

Vacation, Holidays and Kelly Days

Vacation – 96 hours accrued annually at 4 hours per pay-period.

Holiday Bank – 140 holiday bank hours annually. Patrol officers may use these hours as leave time or receive pay in lieu of time off or a combination of both.

Kelly Days – 110 Kelly Day hours annually.  Patrol officers may use these hours as leave time or receive pay in lieu of time off or a combination of both.

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