$25,000 signing bonus (Qualified lateral officers)

Air / Hotel / Rental Car costs to test covered by us (Out of State applicants)

Expedited testing process done in one trip to Washington over 3-5 days


Continuous testing is conducted for Lateral Police Officers. Applicants will be contacted as vacancies become available.

For out of state lateral entry candidates that are currently employed as full-time commissioned law enforcement officers as outlined below, we cover the cost of airfare and lodging to participate in the expedited testing process (Must be currently employed as a fully commissioned law enforcement officer).

We are currently offering a $25,000.00 signing bonus to qualified lateral candidates.  

Testing for lateral entry candidates consists of a pre-screen phone interview, written exam, oral board, background investigation, polygraph examination, written and oral psychological exams and a medical exam. The testing is scheduled at your convenience and done during a one-week period.

We have no COVID-19 vaccine mandate


To be eligible as a lateral candidate, you must meet the following requirements;

  • Must have been employed as a commissioned law enforcement officer on a full-time basis with a municipal, county or WSCJTC approved federal agency for a period of time exceeding 24 of the last 36 months (post academy experience) at the time of application. Reserve Officers, Auxiliary Officers, Special Police Officers, Hospital Police Officers, Correction Officers and Military Police (MP) Officers do not qualify as laterals. Tribal officers who are not currently certified by the WSCJTC do not qualify as laterals.
  • Academy training that meets the requirements to participate in the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center’s (WSCJTC) Equivalency Academy as outlined here by the WSCJTC.
  • Lateral applicants must have successfully completed a field training program (FTO or PTO) and be a non-probationary officer.
  • If you are currently a law enforcement officer but do not meet the time in-service requirements of a Lateral Police Officer, you may qualify to test as a Certified Entry candidate (See below paragraph).
  • Lateral applicants who are not currently employed as a full-time law enforcement officer are not eligible to receive the hiring bonus.
  • Lateral applicants who were terminated, resigned in lieu of termination or would not otherwise be considered for rehire by their former department or agency are not eligible for a lateral position.



  1. Fill out and submit application online
  2. Recruiter will conduct a prescreen phone interview
  3. Test Dates and travel arrangements will be made for in-person testing


  1. In-house written exam
  2. Chief’s Interview
  3. Background Interview and Polygraph
  4. Psychological Exam
  5. Medical Exam
  6. Background Investigation

Steps 1-5 during in-person testing are completed withing 3-4 days during a standard Monday-Friday business week. Upon successful completion of Steps 1-5, the lateral applicant returns home and a background investigator begins the background investigation. The complete background investigation packet is forwarded to the Chief of Police upon completion of the investigation for review.

The Chief of Police reviews and makes the final hiring decision.

Those who are extended a final offer will then work with the Human Resources department to establish a start date suitable for them to provide adequate notice to their current employer and make moving arrangements.

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