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Commonly Asked Questions

How long does the hiring process take?

It varies depending on multiple factors. Typically, the hiring process can take 2-6 months depending on your unique situation and background. The most common holdup we see is applicants not responding quickly to requests for reference contact information, previous addresses and other items which takes our background investigation longer to complete.

Does my security clearance allow me to bypass the hiring background process?

No. Secret, Top Secret and other federal security clearances do not waive the background process or any portion of the hiring process. All those applying must complete all steps of the hiring process including the background investigation and polygraph.

I’m an MP. Will I still need to go to the basic academy?

Yes. The Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission (WSCJTC) does not accept Military Police training as an equivalent for the purpose of waiving the training requirements.

What is the academy like?

The academy is not a live-in academy. It is held in Burien, WA and is Monday to Friday between the hours of 0700-1700. It is run like a paramilitary college course with a combination of physical training, classroom, hands-on and scenario based training. More information about it is available here.

Will I be paid while I’m in the academy?

Yes. From your first day with us, you receive your full salary and benefits. This includes while you are training at the academy, during field training and throughout probation. You may also be eligible to utilize the GI Bill while in the academy.

What is it like after graduating from the academy?

Upon successful completion of the academy, new recruits begin and 12-week field training program broken down into four, four-week phases. Each phase new recruits will ride with an experienced Field Training Officer (FTO) who will guide, mentor and evaluate them. Upon successful completion of field training, the recruit is assigned to a patrol shift in a one-officer patrol vehicle. They remain on probation for 12-months from the date of their academy graduation during which time they are observed and evaluated.

Do I have to buy my own uniforms and equipment?

No. All officers are supplied by the department with all uniforms, equipment and technology necessary including a patrol rifle. You are authorized to purchase additional authorized uniform items out of pocket.

Do you wear concealed or outer ballistic carriers?

You will be issued a concealed ballistic vest. Officers are authorized to purchase and wear a department approved Molle style outer carrier for duty wear. All officers are also issued additional level IV 5.56/.223 rated ballistic plates and carrier.

What are ongoing training opportunities are there?

Our officers receive a minimum of 24 hours of training annually. In addition, officers are eligible to put in for outside agency training listed here.

What is the schedule like?

Patrol officers are assigned to one of four patrol shifts. They will remain on the same shift with the same hours (day shift or night shift) and same days off for a six month period at which time they can bid to go to another shift or remain on their current shift. Patrol officers work 12-hour shifts. We have two day shifts (Days A, Days B) and two night shifts (Nights A, Nights B).

Squad A – The work week is Sunday to Tuesday and rotating Saturdays (1 on/1 off) giving them every other Saturday off and every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday off.

Squad B – The work week is Wednesday to Friday and rotating Saturdays (1 on/1 off) giving them every other Saturday off and ever Sunday to Tuesday off.

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