Graduate to Guardian

Your college years have flown by and you’re now finding yourself asking the question that thousands of others are also asking. “Now what?”

So begins the endless rounds of interviews for “entry-level” jobs that really require years of experience for very little pay and no retirement options. The competition, the prospect of a long commute to work, paying to park, being able to afford the rent and basic necessities and more adds up. There is a very real and very stressful change between graduating from college and getting on your feet and established in the working world.

We offer you a way to skip all that stress while having a way to make a living, having a means to retire comfortably, putting your education and training to use and best of all, to feel like you’re actually making a difference in the lives of others around.

As an officer with Tukwila PD, you are serving a diverse community that needs good officers like yourself who can empathize and understand the needs of the community and society as a whole. We offer you a mobile office equipped with the latest technology, a sense of purpose, camaraderie with your peers and a great set schedule that affords you the same three days off every week and every other Saturday off so that you have the means and ability to spend time outside of work with those you love and doing the things that you love doing.

Our officers come from all walks of life including many who have graduated from colleges all over the country with degrees ranging from Liberal Arts, Communication and Criminal Justice to Art and History. Regardless of what your degree is in, we have a way for you to put it to use with us to help us better the department and the community we serve.

Deputy Chief Eric Lund in the mid-90s graduating from Central Washington University

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